Core Values and Learning Stance

cluster of colored pencils
Legendary Learning: 
We foster a culture of continuous growth and learning for scholars, staff, and the wider community. We provide professional development opportunities for educators to enhance their cultural competency and anti-racist teaching practices, staying abreast of current research and best practices.
Our core values are SWAG!
Scholarly Thinking: I can show Scholarly Thinking by connecting with the content, asking questions and building on my peers’ perspectives to increase my own knowledge and experiences.
Working Productively: I can Work Productively by grappling with challenging tasks, both with my peers and by myself, in order to produce my best work.
Awareness of Our Diversity Community: I can develop knowledge and Awareness of our diverse school community while taking  Accountability of my contribution to creating a safe and supportive learning environment. 
Growth Mindset: I can show a Growth Mindset by challenging myself to set high goals and using my mistakes as an opportunity to increase my academic learning and emotional growth.