Founded in 2017, Longwood Preparatory Academy (LPA) is a small college and career preparatory high school in the Longwood section of the South Bronx. We offer specialized career and technical courses in Media Technology and Design. Our school’s motto is “Learning is done best through a growth mindset.”

Our Vision

(Our future and where we see ourselves)

The scholars of Longwood Preparatory Academy (LPA) will develop into a collaborative community of visionary learners who demonstrate scholarly conduct, work diligently, hold themselves and peers accountable, and possess a growth mindset.

Our Mission

(What we do, how we do it; our approach)

We foster personal growth and academic success by learning and sharing ideas. Educators demonstrate determination, persistence, and academic curiosity by serving as facilitators in the scholar’s learning process. Scholars and educators are driven by the collaborative work of their peers and hold each other accountable. Families are empowered as school leaders and leveraged as experts of their children's’ needs. Educators and school leaders collaboratively build a career and college readiness curriculum for students and families. Scholars, educators, and families build trusting relationships to collaborate as equal partners in the students’ learning process.

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 Longwood Preparatory Academy | 965 Longwood Ave, Bronx, NY 10459 | (718) 860-1242