Enrollment Overview

Applications for LPA’s 9th grade will open on January 18, 2020 and will close on February 22, 2020.  All parents will create an account in myschools in order to apply for admissions.  We suggest that you rank LPA as your 1st option to increase your chances of being accepted to our school.   


If your child is selected, we will contact you and schedule you for our new scholar orientation which typically takes place in May. Please be sure to keep us informed if you move to another state, decide to attend a charter or catholic school as most middle schools will send your child’s record to LPA.  We also want to stay in touch with you during the summer, therefore we ask if you contact Mrs. Paula for any change of address or phone number by contacting cpaula@longwoodprep.org or (917) 992-4043.


Apply Now -PROGRAM CODE:  X94A  Link



January 20, 2021